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Experience miracles in the areas of profound inner peace, health and well being, loving relationships, wealth, prosperity and success, spiritual growth, and transformation into enlightenment.

The purpose of these events, courses and one-on-one processes; are to improve one’s own Personal Fulfillment through Inner Stillness and Peace. How is this done? 


Ancient Sacred Practices, Powerful Teachings, and Meditations with Blessings of Grace. These Blessings promote real miracles.

These ancient processes come from India, dating thousands of years. The processes are used to remove obstacles and blocks that prohibit ones Inner fulfillment (inner peace and inner freedom)  and outer fulfillment, (health, wealth, success, relationships).  


The processes prepare you to receive the Blessings of Grace.




The Blessing of Grace has a Higher Intelligence and Wisdom and knows exactly what to do for you.

These processes and Blessings are to deepen your journey on your path and deepen the relationship with your Divine, (whatever that is for you).

Come join us and soak in Exquisite Grace that cannot be described but only experienced ...and receive very real and profound miracles.

About Taylor Wilshire

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Taylor Wilshire is an executive that works with the United Nations Economic and Social Council and Sustainable Development that addressing poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. She recently received the Global Excellence Award recognized by the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, The Environmental Protection Agency and Global Conscious Capital for not only spearheading worldwide change during the pandemic but also her outstanding achievements, advancements and innovations in international business and global affairs.


In 2010, she was invited to go to India to work with Enlightened Masters and Enlightened monks. She had a profound shift that changed her life. During the countless visits to India, she was given the honor and privilege to share sacred, ancient and holy processes, and meditations. It is through these sacred mediations that a Blessing of Grace is transferred.


She shares the same vision as her Enlightened friends, to awaken mankind and bring consciousness, peace and joy to the planet,

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