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GRACE by the SEA​

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 Back by Popular Demand
Mini Fulfillment Course

Saturday  April 13 th : 4:00PM PST to 5:15 PM PST

Every one of us wants to be successful in everything we do. Let us first define what success is. Success varies from person to person. It is not the same for all. Real success in life is achieving the goals that matter to you the most. Each one strives very hard to get the desired success. Due to one’s negative programs in the unconscious mind, one is not able to accomplish and achieve success. Unable to achieve, one is frustrated and fed up with oneself and life. His/her efforts are in vain. 

Unless and until there is a change in one’s programs, one cannot achieve success. 

When we reach higher states of consciousness success in all areas of our life happens.


Come join us into a  journey of  Success--


Limited Space

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 One on One Process

-- limited space -- there is a short waitlist-- contact me directly 

Personal Fulfillment (wealth, health and loving relationships and higher states of consciousness) through Divine Grace. This one on one process is designed to clear blocks and obstacles that prohibit us from achieving fulfillment in our life.  Ancient, powerful, sacred practices and processes-- profound teachings, Divine Blessings of Grace.

In additional (a once and a lifetime opportunity) to go into a sacred space that is portal to the Divine, where you are able to have a one on one experience of God. It’s a humbling experience and the miracles witnessed are breathtaking.  

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